Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tips for Pugs

Read any WoW blog long enough and you'll read about the trials and tribulations that we all experience when part of a pick up group (PUG). Particularly about the wipes like Ironhelm's hilarious account of common PUG implosions. Never underestimate the power of stupidity in large groups.

These posts are very popular because misery loves company. And sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

Then you luck out. You get a group at random and everyone knows their rolls. The tank tanks. Healer heals. DPS causes crazy damage and agro is not lost. We wait to rebuff and drink. You keep waiting for the train wreck to start and it never happens.


This happened for one of my alts last night running Stocks. It's not a particularly hard instance to run, but it's very, very easy to pull MASS amounts of mobs. But we rocked it. In spite of the Shaman who kept dying because he couldn't handle his DPS or resist pulling mobs faster.

Sure I thanked everyone, but I wanted each of them to know that they were real standouts (except for the Shaman). So after we left I headed straight for the mailbox and sent each of them a couple gold with a note of thanks (except for the Shaman).

And you know, it doesn't matter if I get responses back or not. That's not the point. I know that if I got something like that in my mailbox that would blow me away.

So if you see an opportunity to reward good players do it.

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