Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Og Is Powered By Wowhead

Now when I talk about things like Explosive Sheep, The Butcher or Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon I get those cool pop-ups that we all know and love. I knew there must have been a way to do it and found it on Wowhead.

Thottbot has this as well, but I'm a little uneasy with how old the comments are on that site. It seems stale. Can be very useful, but now I tend to go to Wowhead or the WoW Armory instead.

This will help save time typing out long explanations of items I bring up. Saving time is a good thing for a plodding schlep like myself.


UPDATE: Ok, apparently the enchanting isn't working. I'll be a pain on the Wowhead forums to see if I get any suggestions. Probably user error.


Anonymous said...

Not user error but something they haven't implemented yet.

Og said...

Thanks. Saw that too when I was rummaging through their forums.

Anonymous said...

wtg Og. I've noticed that some enchants still don't work with the links and they end up just pointing back to your site name...

Enchant Cloak - Major Armor
Enchant Bracer - Stats

Are two I've tried and failed at.