Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hormones And Angry Mobs

BRK has an awesome blog that always has good information and gets me laughing. In today's post on lessons learned from gaming had me wiping tears with this line...

If it looks like a female, walks like a female, talks like a female, and strips down at a mailbox like a female, it's probably a 13 year old boy. But not always.
Ah, hmmm...oh my. OK. Caught my breath.

Going from the funny to you-better-believe-in-karma department...

People will whine and complain for weeks, but it's not until every gem in the Auction House is being sold by the same person, and for 20% more than their traditional cost, that people will take action. But when they do, you're going to get hammered. Like a bounty put on your head by several members of the alliance paying gold to any hordie who emails screenshots of your death in battlegrounds or world PvP. J _ _ _ _ _, we're talking about you.

Take heed on this one. I know there are WoW Auction House strategies out there that involve owning the market for items. Basically you buy out everyone at prices below what you want to charge so you force every to buy from you. You set the market. You can make a lot of coin, but people will notice. If you are gouging at the same time it can come back to bite you.

There are ways to do this in the shadows of course through alts whose sole role is to do your buying/selling from the AH. And you can get quite sophisticated with it. But don't underestimate the smarts and will for retribution in the game.

I do believe in Karma.

When you have quite a bit of coin you can wield some power in the AH. But you can make a boat load and be fair at the same time.

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