Saturday, December 29, 2007

Massively Tobold and Someone Else

New blog adds:

  • Tobold's MMORPG somehow was left off the list. Awesome site. Great content. Wooops! Fixed.
  • Someone from Someone: Altaholic on Wildhammer EU has kept me on my toes with great feedback and questions on what I've put on this site. When I saw spreadsheets on her (his?) blog I immediately got a warm-and-fuzzy feeling. Data is good.

Read, comment and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Thks for the link and it's a Him! :)

My main char is named after my wife's nickname; I have another one named after my daughter's name and then I found playing female chars more fun than male ones! :)

Og said...

Someone - Thanks for dropping by and the clarification. It makes Og's head hurt to be PC sometimes so it's always good to know.