Monday, December 17, 2007

Magestic Flipper Of The Og

When you start scouring the Auction House (AH) for bargain basement deals you will invariably hit a wall of green - weapons and armor that is. So many deals, so little coin. You can't possibly buy them all out.

Or could you? If you have problems walking a straight line because of so much gold coin lining your pockets and bags then you might be able to do it. But you definitely wouldn't want to. Most will take forever to sell and the profits are rarely nearly as good as they seem.

The problem with most greens is that there's A LOT of them. Markets get saturated, prices drop, deposit fees are taken away, gnomes start dating trolls and all kinds of other bad things start happening. Pretty soon you're spending all your time in the AH, in denial, trying to sell those Buccaneer's Bracers of the Owl for 5 gold for the seventh time.

Plus, if you miss a bargain you know green armor is like a Gryphon - if you miss one you can count on another one not being far behind.

But you can make money if you know what to look for. In this post I'll keep it short and talk about green armor pieces that are part of the "of the" variety.

...of the Monkey
...of the Eagle
...of the Bear
...of the Gorilla

The ones you want to look at are the four I just listed. Reason being is that these all have stat combinations that are in very high demand. Monkey has + Stamina/ + Agility. Eagle has + Stamina / + Intellect. Bear has + Stamina / + Strength. Gorilla has + Strength / + Intellect. Stamina rules and the combinations above are the ones that will fly off the shelves if priced right.

Even if you have a bargain in your cross hair that has matches one of those names, take a look at what the current competition is. If the market is flooded you can either hold it, undercut or keep the market price hoping for a run. For me, I don't like re-posting auctions so I happily pass any greens that are seen too often. It's not the right time in my case, but others love the idea of keeping all their alts bank slots full of inventory. Match your style, I say.

Plus, if I wished I had picked up a specific item for flip I know another bargain is right around the corner.


Anonymous said...

A couple other "of the..." to be on the lookout for are Outland gear, prized by more casual players:

...Tracker (I think that's the one)
...Sorcerer (less so, I think)
...Physician (again, less so--healer only, but better since 2.3(.1?) converted 1/3 Healing to Damage.

There may be others that plate-wearers prize, but I have no warrior or pally.

Great stuff, Og...really enjoying your blog!

Og said...

Kestrelsaerie - Great adds! Outland greens are very much in demand and seen less often (at least on my realms). Posts like this really help make this blog better. With me at the helm, it can use all the help it can get.

And thanks for the kind words. Remember - flattery will get you everywhere.

Beowulfa said...

Just recently found your blog and love it already. Don't stop handing out the advice from "Og's Pool of Wisdom"!

Maebius said...

Ditto to Kestrel's comment. I'm a healer, so those '..of the Physician' drops seem to go at a premium on my server (Farstriders-H). if I could just work my way up from lvl 53 and get to where those would be equippable to me... *grin*
-Kanandi (troll priestess of Farstriders)
-Denahi (Tauren Trader, same server)