Thursday, December 27, 2007

Light And Aerie, Bringing The HoG And Another Good AH Site

New blogs added:

  • Kestrel's Aerie is a great mix of WoW topics. There's something there for everyone.
  • And I'm still wiping the tears away after reading Hammer of Grammer.
  • Read MMO Auctioneer to get additional tips and perspectives on how to make mad gold in the WoW Auction House.

...and I've cleaned up a few due to lack of activity.



Trollin' said...

I was reading HoG too, but it hasn't updated in like... 3 months. =X

Copra said...

Heya! I got distracted your way 'cause Tobold linked to you. I read the whole blog at once, only to notice that I have done almost the same with minor tweaks here and there.

One thing though: at least in my server (EU-Thunderhorn Horde)copper and tin bars sell in higher price than the ore, as well as bronze bars, so I would suggest melting the ore first before selling out. Melting -after all- is related to Mining profession.

Otherwise, thanks for some neat tidbits and I wish you an excellent year 2008.


PS. I will be watching you... :P

Furinur said...

Got linked from Tobold too, very interesting blog! I am a die-hard flipper, been doing it for about a year now and NEVER have to worry about the G :D

One thing though which I have always wondering... Once a person gets into hardcore flipping, I wonder how many people feel like me that I spend more time on AH and not as much time grinding exp or working on progression... sure its nice to have lots of $$$, but my characters seem to suffer at times... is there such a thing as being "addicted" to AH flipping :D lol

Og said...

trollin - You're right! Didn't even notice I was laughing so hard. Maybe we should send some reminders their way that we're in desperate need of an update :)

copra - Good point on the bars and you're not the only one who has pointed that out. In my Rags-to-Riches series I should have checked the differences in price between Ore and Bars first and posted whichever was selling higher.

Og said...

furinur - My take is that if you get more kicks from a 300% profit than from picking Murlock scales out of your armor just grab a fresh cup of hot Melon Juice, pull out a folding chair and enjoy the AH.

I've been in the same situation so I took a step back to see if there was a way to be smarter about my approach to the AH, spend less time and still progress my characters. Here are some tips if you find yourself yearning for advancement and still stay close to the AH:

- Power level your professions/skills
- Battle grounds...woot!

Also take a hard look at what items you are reposting A LOT and stop getting those. They suck time and usually don't make a lot of coin.

There are some other tips but I should probably turn this into a post.

/lightbulb over head

Furinur said...

Good point about the reposting of mats over and over.

About a month ago I found, (or at least I thought I'd found), a steal on some low-lvl enchanting mats... lots of them. Unfortunately, with the new patch and 48-hour posting, these type of mats prices have taken a nosedive on my server. Come to find out, it hasn't turned out to be THAT great a deal and I have reposted the stuff about 15 times.

Usually I'd just give up and vendor it or sell it for a lost, but with no deposit fee for enchanting mats I keep plugging away, hoping to fill something that resembles my profit margin.. oh well, mark that up to experience and a new-found respect for the enchanting mats market.

I may take your advice and just stow it for awhile and go kick some butt in BG :)

PS. I'm with Copra, I'll be reading to :)

Og said...

furinur - That 48hr option has made it tougher to flip Enchanting mats. Before you could count on expirations to dry up the supply a little for at least a short window which means you could charge a little more. But now it's buy and hold.

And hold.

And hold.

You'll get rid of them eventually, but I'm more cautious about large stacks of Enchanting mats, Essences and a few other things that used to be good deals.

Furinur said...

Awesome! Thanks for the advice. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage, Og, and for the excellent blog. I don't seem to have as much time as I'd like to make a lot of money via the AH, but I still read your articles from start to finish.

I may engage in some chitchat with you someday soon regarding AucAdv's method/logic for determining how I should price items.

Og said...

kestrel - Anytime! My goal with this blog thingy is to help everyone put a bit more weight in their pockets from the AH. Whether you're in the AH so often you know the names of the auctioneer's kids or you view it as a necessary evil.