Saturday, December 29, 2007

Spiders Are To Icky As Spider's Silk Are To Gold

In this blog I write about the tools, strategy and style of making gold in the WoW Auction House (AH) in this blog. At the same time, while you're sifting through all my hot air, it's good to sink your canines into a nice, juicy bargain. And then shake the Old Crappy McWeakSauce out of it until some gold falls out.


From time to time I'll be highlighting those items that tend to be (or have been) some of my favorite bargain targets. These are or have been part of my own shopping lists. Sure, sure realms and markets vary, but there are things I find do well no matter where I am.

So far, some of the items I've listed for the fledgling AH tycoon in you are meats required to level cooking and some cloth trade goods. Still, you'll need variety in your shopping list. While there are always bargains to be had in the AH, it's rare it happens day-after-day for the same items. Why would someone pay a higher price then?

So here's two more items to add to your list: Spider's Silk and Ironweb Spider Silk. These two I can always find bargains for at least a couple times a week.

Spider's Silk is good for the beginner because you can often find it for under 30 silver each and then turn around and sell it for 90 silver to about 1 gold each. The Ironweb variety can also be found at great deals of under 70 silver each and go for more than twice that.

Why can it be had so cheaply? It has to be because people don't understand it's worth. Or they want the money now.

Why can they be sold at a premium? Because Spider's Silk is a material for some high demand items. Ironweb Spider silk makes a slew of great stuff too (note all the blues and purples....mmmmmm, purple).

Auctioneer will pick bargains up on these (depends on your profit settings), but just browse for these manually until you're sure that Auctioneer is configured correctly.

If you land a big stack of these things do not repost them all. Keep it between 3-5 items and post them in singles. Sometimes the market can flood from farming, but it dies out pretty quick and doesn't happen that often. Just hold and wait till it dries up.

Then rake it in.

These are both good beginner investments. If you are tight on coin, stick with the Spider's Silk to start.

Now go out there and flip!