Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sheep Are Exploding In Warsong Gulch

Og had a stack of lambs,
Their fleece was white as snow.
And all throughout Warsong Gulch,
These sheep would soon explode!

For the inaugural post of "The Good Life," or "what should I spend all this gold on," I'm staying away from the obvious like enchants or gear. Instead think livestock - mechanical, exploding livestock. I'm talking about Exploding Sheep.

Been doing a lot of battle grounds with my self-made, level 19 alt. I had the Enchanting and Mining professions and neither one did me a whole lot of good as a full-time battle ground wonk and part-time auction house mogul. I knew that Engineering had some cool head gear that I could make for myself and so decided to replace Mining with Engineering.

But in addition to the goggles, I wanted to be able to have a profession I could make stuff to use while I wreaked havoc against the Horde. As I browsed through the recipe list of things I could make, my browser stopped scrolling as soon as I hit Explosive Sheep.

I smiled.

These things cause 135-165 of damage and only a 1 minute cool down. They cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 silver each to create. That means a stack of 10 is 8 gold. Having the coinage I turned to this excellent (and free!) guide on how to level up my Engineering fast. It's not really that fast because you have to run back-n-forth from the trainer to where the anvils are at quite a bit. And, it took me a bit longer than it should at about 1.5 hours because I had some complications (my inventory got full, had to check mail, the sun was in my eyes, my underwear was too tight, etc.). That's OK because I finally had it.

All said and done...

Power leveling Engineering from 1 - 150...15 gold
Building a stack of 10 Explosive Sheep...8 gold

Seeing the Horde ripped apart by combustible livestock...priceless!

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