Monday, December 31, 2007

Beginner Auction House Tycoons - Use Auctioneer Classic

Ever since Tobold's frustrating experience with Auctioneer I've been thinking about which version of Auctioneer is right for those just starting out with bargain hunting in the WoW Auction House (AH).

The answer: Auctioneer Classic.

Personally I use both. Both? Yeah, both. Auctioneer Advanced is good for the more advanced strategies of flipping in the AH, but Auctioneer Classic has a few features that come in real handy for me. I'll write more about how I used the Advanced suite in later posts.

For now, focus on the Classic version. It's more intuitive and easier to understand just coming out of the gate. And many of my tips and examples already deal with the Classic version. Like my post on how to use Auctioneer Classic to search auctions for deals and my whole Rags to Riches series uses Auctioneer Classic for all my flipping.

And there are a smattering of posts if you click on the Auctioneer label here in the blog.

If you have any questions or frustrations with Auctioneer I'd love to here them. If I have an answer for you (I never seem to be at a loss for words...I know, you're surprised) I'll follow-up with an e-mail, comment or new post.

Hey, success stories are good too! Breaks up cranky energy that really mess with my yin and yang. Ohmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great posts, Og! I've been following along, but using Auctioneer Advanced.. do you know if I can switch to Classic and keep my database? I've been scanning religiously for weeks and weeks and would hate to lose it.

Og said...

Anonymous - You can have both Auctioneer Classic and Advanced loaded at the same time and one won't mess around with the other's database. Your tool tips for items will be quite large and chok full of all kinds of great information when you have them both enabled.

Classic is all about the medians and Advanced is about averages and standard deviation.

Remember that there are two sets of data when you are scanning. To feed Advanced you'll need to hit the scan button at the top of the Auction House interface (looks like a "Play" arrow on your CD). Feeding Classic must be done by the button that says "Scan" which is located at the bottom near where your money is displayed.

It would be nice if both Auctioneer Classic and Advanced could be updated with a single scan of the AH. But it doesn't do this right now.

/start wish list

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. A success story? I've used Auctioneer the several times I've subscribed and re-subscribed, but in reading your blog I feel I'm getting much more out of it. I made 40g this past weekend just flipping low-level stuff, enchanting shards and the like.. Thanks!

Og said...

Anonymous - Glad to help. And thanks for the sharing your successes. That gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. WooHoo!

Copra said...

Somehow for me using both Classic and Advanced slowed down the scanning and loading of a toon: so I quit Classic and am trying to learn Advanced to the fullest.

I've had some success with it, but it seems to be more vulnerable to overpricing and 'misguiding' BottomScanner and Appraiser. For me at least it takes more caution to work with than the Classic.

And now I have the problem that the auction house screen has 'climbed' up over the screen so I cannot type the search... and I cannot move the darn thing, either! Off to 'reset' the UI by deleting the .wft file.

Mental note: remember to make a safe copy of the data files.

Cheers! Oh, yea, made over 200g profit in one day by stepping into the rare market.

Another minder: remember to keep 'milking' the system with the stable reagents and consumables when you start working with the rare/epic trading... just to stay on the safe side.

Keep it going!


Og said...

Copra - Thanks for the great comment. Both the Advanced and Classic versions of Auctioneer are still in pre-release so you'll definitely experience some funk when you're using them. I do. It's definitely workable, and I know the crack team working on Auctioneer will be kicking out a great release as soon as they can.

Gratz on the mega profits. The rare market is a great one once you've got the coin and really know how to tame Auctioneer. I find that when you are specializing in specific markets, like rare/epic, Advanced paired with Bottom Scanner is the better tool.

Keeping a safe stream of old reliables is always a really, really, really good idea. Diversification is key. Plus when you're having a hard time moving some of the pricier items seeing your mailbox is full is good for the self-esteem.

/looks in mirror
/says I am special

Mykal McFarland said...

Please go into more detail about what the filters, settings and any information you also find important for a better understand of Auctioneer.

P.S. I have my own Blog now.

Og said...

Mykal - Those posts on my settings for both Classic and Advanced are on deck to get written. Just figuring out the best way to tackle them.

And good luck on your new blog. I'll be sure to pop over and check it out regularly.