Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Begone Gold Ads - I Really, Really Mean It This Time

Just added 4 more gold selling sites to my list of ads to ban from showing up on this site. This brings my list to 16. I kind of feel like I'm trying to catch water in a strainer. Or tanking with a Mage.

I'm thinking this is going to be a constant battle for me, but that's OK. They don't call me "Mr. Tenacious" for nothing.

If you can't tell I'm no fan of buying gold or enabling it. There's absolutely no reason why you can't earn it, and relatively quickly, through my tips as well as others I link to. Look, I'm not particularly smart (do you know anybody named "Og" that went to Harvard or Wharton?). So if I can grow a handful of silver into several hundred gold in about a week there's no reason why you can't. And do it faster because my example focused completely on the auction house - add some questing and farming and you can blow through that example.

Go forth and be successful and have a boat load of fun doing it.


Anonymous said...

Well, your ads don't bother me as I rarely if ever see any ad while surfing! That's what I get with Firefox, Adblock Plus and NoScript! I can't even tell WHERE on your page those said ads are supposed to be! :)

Brehm said...


Wonderful little blog you have going. I've linked you on my blogroll to encourage you to keep up what you're doing.

Og said...

Someone - That's the ONLY way to surf.

Brehm - Much appreciated. I remember reading about you in Ironhelm's blog (ok it was more a reference than a biography...but you know what I mean), but didn't realize you had a blog of your own.

Good read - it's on my blogroll now.