Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rags To Riches In WoW - Horde Style: Day 3 (Part Deux)

This is the second part of Day 3.

Didn't know there was a part one to the day? Well then, you missed a morning filled with whining, paranoia and self-doubt...ended up with me doing an extra 10 minutes of self-affirmations in the mirror.

But, over the course of the day, I remembered some of the key principles to flipping in the WoW Auction House (AH):

  • Patience is key. Bargains do happen all the time, but sometimes there can be lulls where the really sexy ones can't be found. These lulls don't last long.
  • Feed Auctioneer and build history. I should remember my own advice. It's only day three.
  • Know your market. Some of the pricing her has me thinking I'm on a bubble caused by a drought, or something, but I don't understand it...yet.
  • Aim for quick turnover. I've been posting my items for 48 hours, which is a mistake. I need to change this to 24 hours. If it doesn't sell by then I want to know so I can adjust my pricing.

Things are bound to look up. It's statistically guaranteed. At least that's what my independent panel of statisticians tell me. And who am I to argue with that!

Time to login...

Nothing much sold, but that's OK. Let's keep to the plan and hit the AH to scan and search for bargains. And I find a good one...

I also find some good pricing on Strange Dust and pick up whatever I can afford. Which is depressingly little.

Normally I stay away from Enchanting mats, but this is one of those servers that looks like it can be very lucrative. There's barely any supply for any mats compared to what I'm used to seeing. Plus in the early stages of building coinage I will pick up mats if the bargains are too good to pass up.

This takes the rest of my coin so I'm off to quest. I'm really digging my wand I picked up, but I must say I was a little taken aback by how my Blood Elf looked when I was using it. Let's just say it doesn't look that graceful. It reminded me of how Elaine danced on Seinfeld. If you have a Blood Elf wand wielder, you know what I mean.

Since my auctions are taking some time to turn, I make sure I skin everything in my path and hit every mining node...all one of them. It's like Kansas around here.

When I'm ready to wrap up for the night, I head in for one last swing through the AH. Some things have sold and I'm finding some good deals. Life is good.

...and gets even better...

Didn't capture every screenshot so here's a rundown of what sold, was bought and was posted (not necessarily in that order). Remember, all prices are in gold.

Successful Auctions

Rough Stone 0.05
Linen Cloth 0.17
Linen Cloth 0.17
Linen Cloth 0.17
Linen Cloth 0.17
Light Leather 0.07
Fadeleaf 0.26
Silver Bar 0.75
Linen Cloth 0.17
Bruiseweed 0.27
White Spider Meat 0.36
White Spider Meat 0.36
Strange Dust 0.16
Strange Dust 0.16
Greater Healing Potion 0.35
Greater Healing Potion 0.35
Silver Bar 0.75
Flask of Mojo 0.17
Runecloth 1.29
Wool Cloth 0.75

Total Successful Auctions: 6.96g

Items Bought

Webwing Cloak - (x1) 0.18
Greater Healing Potion - (x2) 0.10
Strange Dust - (x14) 0.30
Swiftthistle - (x1) 0.02
Linen Cloth - (x20) 0.09
Linen Cloth - (x20) 0.09
Wool Cloth - (x20) 0.26
Wool Cloth - (x9) 0.24
Bruiseweed - (x4) 0.05
White Spider Meat - (x10) 0.43
Scroll of Protection V - (x4) 0.16
Wool Cloth - (x6) 0.08
Earthroot - (x10) 0.10
Raptor Hide - (x10) 0.21
Superior Healing Potion - (x5) 0.75
Pagan Bands of the Owl - (x1) 0.07
Blazing Wand - (x1) 0.20
Emblazoned Boots - (x1) 0.88
Mystic's Wrap - (x1) 0.32
Minor Healing Potion - (x5) 0.02
Mageweave Cloth - (x20) 1.00

Total Spent On Items: 5.56g

Auctions Posted

Because of how I'm splitting stacks there are about 100 auctions (thank you Auctioneer team for auto-splitting!). I'm sure you'll understand why I don't post them all here. On pricing all I did was take Auctioneer's advice. What I will say is that the value of all my auctions I have posted is about 45 gold.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.


Pinwiz said...

Love the site, love the experiment.

I'm having problems with the "Search Auctions" tab in AClassic. I've done the scan, but I can't get any results. Is there something that I'm missing? Are there AAdvanced addons that I should disable?

Waradwen said...

I'm really enjoying this series and it's giving me confidence to try and play the AH market myself. Nice job.

Mentioning statisticians gives me an opening for my personal favorite joke: Three statisticians are out hunting when they spot a deer. The first statistician aims and fires, missing ten yards to the left. The second statistician aims and fires, missing ten yards to the right. The third statistician jumps up and cheers, "We got it!"

Okay, off to see what kind of loots I can make this morning.

No said...

@pinwiz I'm having the same problem with Search Auctions. A lot of people are having the exact same problem, there is a thread on the official forum. Unfortunately it is down right now so I can't provide you with a link. I hope they will sort it out soon, after finding this blog I am very keen to try it out :(

Og said...

Pinwiz - Thanks!

As for your problem, looking at No's response below, it sounds like you're not alone. I'm not having any problems (my version is 5.0.PRE.2616...which isn't the most recent one), but that doesn't mean anything.

The forum's site is up ( it's just very, very slow. No, wait, 500 Server Error.

/pray to server gods to show mercy on Norganna's servers

Warawen - LOL! I'll have to remember that one while we're chewing the fat around the mailbox. Thanks for the good words.

No - Good heads up. I appreciate the info.