Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rags To Riches - Horde Style: Day 6

I log in first thing in the morning to give a quick check on how things are going. I was very happy I ended Day 5 with a measly 60 silver in my pocket. Woot! That means that all my gold is working for me in the AH.

Grabbing all my mail I end up with nearly 40 gold. Failed to get the obligatory post-opening-all-my-mail-money-shot-in-front-of-mailbox screenshot, so this one with me looking for blue light specials will have to do.

Grabbed a few bargains before I head to work and then I'm out the door kissing Mrs. Og on my way out the door. I ask her to keep an eye on my auctions and pick up a few bargains while I'm gone for the day.

Mrs. Og gives me the I-am-so-not-amused-with-you-or-your-silly-game look. I take that as a "No."

When I login later in the evening I am one happy flipper.

The musket sold! I knew it would but my fingernails are a little shorter while waiting. By the time all the coin has been collected I've got about 72 gold in my pockets.

Time to do some shopping....

I wanted to show the above screen shot to give an example of what you may see occasionally if you are using both Auctioneer Advanced and Auctioneer Classic. Above we see a really good deal on some motes by using the Auctioneer Classic search feature. Like I always do, I do a quick browse on the item to see what the market is at the time of purchase. And I see this...

Notice anything? No, not you. You always raise your hand. Give someone else a chance.

Everyone else, take another look. I'll wait.

Still not seeing anything? On the second screenshot up there Auctioneer Advanced (AA) is showing these motes are priced at 20% of it's value. That translates into about an 8 gold profit. But on the Auctioneer Classic (AC) search results screen it's showing just a little over 4 gold as a profit. Different answers.


AA and AC use different algorithms. I find that AA tends to be more on the mark with market pricing which means that any profit AC reports I can expect to be a little more. Usually they're both pretty close, but it's something to keep in mind.

Time to search for some blues. You'll see that I'm finding all kinds of great deals on these from the shots below. No luck on purples, but I'll be honest - I rarely find a good deal on purples. It's OK. I'm perfectly content with flipping blues, like these...

...and these...

...and this...

Hmmm? Oh no, you couldn't possibly have seen a BottomScanner window in that last screenshot.

/cast [Jedi Mind Trick]

See, this is one of those things that irked me about how I tackled this series. At this point I started using BottomScanner to grab deals so I could use up the rest of my coin. It wasn't my primary tool. It just helped fill the holes.

What irks me is that I haven't written about that part of the Auctioneer Suite yet. And I don't want to take a break in the series to write a new series all about BottomScanner. Don't worry, the BottomScanner series is coming sometime after this one wraps up.

For now I just wanted to open the Kimino and put everything on the table.

/contemplate poor choice of visualization
/change subject

OK, now that my money is all gone, I'm going to keep leveling up my First Aid. Nothing like heading into Warsong Gulch with a 225 in First Aid. Woot!

I'll post the details of bought/posted later in a part deux to this series.


Daxenos said...

10 motes = 1 Primal.

Holy Crap, 1 Primal Life for 1.60 Gold?? Wow, I think I like that server you're on...


Og said...

Daxenos - Crazy, I know. Things are much more expensive here because there's no supply.

Example: Essence of Fire can be had on more mature servers for 36 silver. Here it's gone for nearly 2 gold. Ouch!

Mats almost always go for more than the finished good in the WoW AH. This is true for herbs, metals, elementals and so on.

One reason (aside from the convenience or not having the gathering skill) why motes can command a high price is because there are folks out there who may only need a couple - not all 10. The pain is less if you are just buying a few because you farmed 2 less than you needed, than if you are trying to supply the primal strictly through the AH.

If the market will bear it, the price will go there.

Maebius said...

Just a quick hello and repeat "Thanks" for this blog. I'm not quite as savvy or experienced with the auctions yet, having only started when I found this blog a few short weeks ago. however, am happy to report using this method WORKS! It's slow going, but I just broke 100G and am only lvl 29 with my auction-toon. The only gathering he does is skinning, and tailors as a side-job.
Kudos on a winning performance, and may all your auctions sell-out quickly!

Og said...

Maebius - "Thanks" right back at ya! Gratz on your cracking 100G and you'll get better at it the more you do it. It can take some time to get the feel of the AH on your realm and it also depends on your style of play.

Stories like these means I'm doing something right.


Carl said...

My turn.

After reading each and everyone of your articles and letting it cook ni my mind for a few days, I couldn't resist to finally install Auctioneer and get myself started in the AH business.

I'm a kind-of freak player: I bank everything I could possibly use on one of my many alts, I transmute everyday in prevision, I level every profession among my alts to help my whoel account, etc.

You do a really great job in this Blog. Your advices and well-written texts makes us really want to try it. Your writing style is appealing, easy-going and funny sometimes too!

Just wanted to express my gratitude. Almost got my week of daily scanning done and I started flipping slowly, testing out your tips and getting myself used to the process and the add-on. Still having a few issues (maybe the new version will be better) and misunderstanding of every tool and information contained in AC, but I'm really excited about playing with this part of the game I usually never quite mastered.

Thanks again and please keep up the good work!

Og said...

Carl - Awesome! You can do it. Heck, if I can do it a blind hamster can do it. Thanks for the comment and the niceties. I especially liked "...and funny sometimes too..."

Emphasis on sometimes :)

Keep me posted on how well you're doing. Now go out there and flip!