Friday, January 4, 2008



Not sure exactly what happened, but I started getting errors from BottomScanner (we haven't talked much about that yet) yesterday that would hose my Auctioneer functionality yesterday. Am I collecting too much data? Did Blizzard update some server code that's causing fits? Was my Auctioneer add-on software outdated?


Or maybe, just like BRK says, the game is hating me now. By name.


In any case, I was focused (obsessed, sweating, shaking) on figuring out what the problem was yesterday. I updated my version to the most recent (which is from 12/12/07) and it seemed to fix most of it.

I'm not worried about some errors. The software is still in pre-release and the 95% of it that does work keeps my pockets full.

If anyone else is having problems I recommend checking your version and heading over to the Auctioneer site to see if you have the recent version. Grab it if you don't.


robur said...

Here's a question for you, fellow Auctioneer: How come that I've been the mod for ages but only recently does the database grow around one percent with each scan? I've been using it longer than 77 days (at 77.something percent right now).

When upgrading to AA, does that one keep the stats? Or rather, does it cut each item stats back to just the last 100? Or does it lose everything?

Thanks a ton for any insights.

robur said...


Og said...

Robur - Good question. Hmmmm.

/cast [Stance of the Thinker]
/rub jaw

I have no idea.

What I do know is that Auctioneer Classic and Advanced have their data stored in separate databases. Classic does not purge data on it's own (you have to help it), but Advanced is supposed to phase out old data on it's own(whatever that is).

I recommend you head over to the Auctioneer home page and post this question either in the Forums there or jump on their IRC channel.

robur said...

Will do so tomorrow. I scanned today again and the database went from 77 to 90 percent full - that's hard to believe. I can only guess that AC does splurge with the entries like the older versions had never before. I will report.

Og said...

Robur - That's crazy! I've never seen a 20% jump. There might be some reasonable explaination, but I can't think of one for the life of me. Hope you get that figured out.