Monday, January 21, 2008

Make A Deposit

Auctioneer is well fed. You're doing well in the WoW Auction House, the mailbox is practically overflowing, every gold farmer that gets too close to you gets mooned and you're having trouble spending all that gold of yours.

Congrats to you! Now give some of that back.

Back to the guild bank. And when I say "back" I'm talking in Karma terms. I'm sure that there have been plenty of folks that have helped you out along the way. It's time to return the favor.

Throw some gold into the bank. If you come across some deals on items that you wouldn't trade in, but know some of your guildies can use, buy them up and throw them in the bank. Mats, armor, weapons, potions or whatever. The bank is such a great resource and not everyone reads my blog (shocking, I know).

Feed it and your generosity will be greatly appreciated even if they don't know where this generosity came from.


Robb said...

Make sure if you are donating items instead of money, that you are not falling prey to bungnuggets that create low level alts, join a bunch of guilds, take the lower level rings, armor, etc that you donate, then sell them on the AH. Runs rampant in our guild, and it sucks.

Og said...

Robb - Good point and why I have the utmost respect for whoever has to manage the bank for a guild. It must be a hugenormous challenge.

/plop Alka-Seltzer

If that's the case with your guild, donate coin if it is easier to control.

If your guild bank is basically a free-for-all with a big sign that says "Ninja Me" then feel free to donate items personally to those guildies you know who can use the gear.

Topknot said...

We only allow Officer and GL access to the GB.

Any guildie that needs something sends us a /tell requesting something. Nearest officer to a GB will withdraw and post asap.

We also run a system where people pay the vendor price for item/gear withdrawls. That way people donating gear are indirectly donating coin, people withdrawing items still have to donate to the GB fund but you get the odd epic and blue drop for faaarr cheaper than it would otherwise auction for. Works well for us..

As for personal dontations, I regularly drop some gold into the GB after trading.. I recently bought a friend his Pally Lightforge belt for his alt. Originally bought cheap to sell on but noticed he was in level range and posted free of charge. He was very pleased and I was guarenteed some instance boost on my alt :)

Servicee said...

I also want to point out that a guild bank isn't just a great tool for guilds...but also for small ones as well. It turned out to be this auctioneer fanatic's dream. I tend to avoid large guilds because of the drama, but a couple friends and I created a guild so we'd have our own chat channel and the bank.

Now my two buddies (we kicked out the paid signees) do not like working the auction I offered to sell everything the three of us made. They put everything they would get into the bank and/or email it to my bank character, then I would go in and turn it around in the auction house, along with my regular flipping. Now I admit, I'm not as big a flipper as most auctioneers, I deal mostly in trade goods and dropped items, with a bit of recipe flipping as I quest in the right zones.

But before we were all 40, I'd amassed enough to buy all our epic mounts (w/training). Yay me! ;p

So moral of the story: guild banks good for small groups and one auctioneer. I get to work with alot more up front than if I worked by myself. I do my friends right and put everything back in the bank.

Og said...

Servicee - Drama? In guilds? Really?


Drama comes with the territory at some point with virtually all Guilds. The banks just add to it, unfortunately. The best way to avoid that is to have simple, easily enforceable rules that everyone understands and enforce them. Topknot's guild has a good system.

On your own private GB, I've heard of that before. Sounds like you've got a great setup and your friends are lucky to have a mogul in their ranks. A smart one at that (reading my blog has been shown to increase IQ in lab rats).