Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rags To Riches - Horde Style - Day 6 (Part Dos)

I really should put more time into my code that rips through BeanCounter data to make it just a wee bit easier for me to pull this info together. Here are the buys and posts (for those buys) on Day 6. For this one I actually have Wowhead linkage for each item.

/procrastinate updating older posts with this functionality indefinitely

As always, the number before the slash is total buyout (in gold) and after is the total posted value (in gold). Changes in stack size are noted.

Cow King's Hide (x1) 6.00g/14.38g
Dreaming Glory (x4) 0.80g/3.66g
Girdle of Siege (x1) 17.60g/48.60g
Headdress of Inner Rage (x1) 15.50g/39.34g
Humbert's Helm (x1) 3.00g/23.73g
Knothide Armor Kit (x9) 13.00g/31.02g
Lesser Mystic Essence (x2) 0.46g/1.07g
Looming Gavel (x1) 2.00g/19.32g
Mote of Life (x10) 2.00g/9.09g
Ruby Crown of Restoration (x1) 10.00g/22.14g
Small Radiant Shard (x1) 4.87g/7.41g
Soul Essence (x9) 8.95g/28.87g
Swiftness Potion (x7) 1.40g/5.08g
Thick Leather (x40) 2.00g/4.16g
Warbringer's Sabatons of the Bear (x1) 5.00g/13.44g
White Smoke Flare (x20) 1.00g/2.00g <-- Stack of 10
Wool Cloth (x156) 7.33g/7.26g <-- Stacks totaling 63

A quick note on the White Smoke Flare - I have no freakin clue if I can do anything with these. No research was done. Actually I got these for fun. Had the idea of throwing them around Silvermoon for laughs on my way too and from the mailbox. But they didn't work for me.


I am such a noob.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I am having auctions fail on me. I have not noted those here because that's too much data to put in these pages. The basic strategy for failed auctions is:

  • Make sure my price is slightly below market value.
  • Check on market saturation. If so, post smaller stacks or hold.
  • If no competition, determine if I bought something I didn't understand and cannot unload (i.e. scammed). If so, vendor-turf it or sell for next to nothing (always get some coin for your items).
  • Post and post again (as long as deposit is not sucking profits from me in big chunks).

Hopefully I'll be able to do a little analysis on the repostings vs. successes and other fun things.

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