Tuesday, January 1, 2008

10 Steps To Making Gold In The WoW Auction House

  1. Get the Auctioneer add-on for WoW. Get the Classic version if you are a just starting out.
  2. Scan the AH every day you log in.
  3. Search auctions for bargains immediately after each scan.
  4. Stick to items/markets you know.
  5. Build and keep a set amount of coin strictly for AH flipping.
  6. Don't force a profit. If a market gets flooded either hold (if it's temporary) or unload (if it's not).
  7. Learn from your mistakes.
  8. Be patient - 48 hours is a loooong time.
  9. Take some risks. It's how you learn about markets you don't understand.
  10. Try to learn something new about the Auctioneer suite of add-ons every once in a while.
  11. Read Og's Ledger like your mount depended on it.

What's that?

There are 11 steps?

Hmmmm, not sure how that slipped through. I'll have to speak to the editing department about that and, um, get back to you.


Sellia said...

LOL ! :)

Good list. Thanks. :)

robur said...

Hehe, great blog. I actually search the AH for bargains before I scan - five minutes scanning time is a long time.

Wheeling and dealing since 2004. ;)

Og said...

Sellia - Thanks!

Robur - Flattery will get you everywhere.

Searching before scanning works if you're using Auctioneer Advanced or if you prefer to eyeball the deals in the raw, sans add-on (kinda like going back to nature and eating bark).

If you are using Auctioneer Classic you must scan before you search because that search goes against whatever snapshot you have. If that snapshot isn't current then it's like reading yesterday's news.

robur said...

I'm confused, but maybe because I've been playing too much today.

I do use AC and usually have a few good deals in my mind, i.e. I know what people are paying for them. So I do a quick look or even search for those items directly before starting my scan.

As I understand it, the snapshot just captures the current prices of items - granted, I don't know them all. But then, as you've posted in another entry, many different people are trading in many different things.

Og said...

Robur - Skimming the AH for items you know about without the help of Auctioneer is a fine strategy. Auctioneer (both Classic and Advanced) do capture current prices when you scan, but they also add the information from the current snapshot to the historical prices it has - which is from all the other scans you've done.

With that info, Auctioneer is able to tell you where the bargains are. Classic does this through the Search Auctions tab and Advanced does this with the percentages it shows next to items and also through BottomScanner (which I haven't discussed yet).

For me I use a little of everything to find deals, but you don't have to.