Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Make Your Own Luck

I'll be honest - to be successful flipping in the WoW Auction House (AH) you have to be lucky.

Sure Auctioneer is a great tool and there's a lot of different strategies you can throw at your quest for gold. But coming across great deals, the ones that will really rake in some coin, takes a four leaf clover, a rabit's foot and a Crate of Horseshoes to coax fate to make happen.

You might be thinking to yourself "but Og, if it's all about luck what am I doing reading your crummy blog?" Good question. Really, really good question. I mean, I don't even have a logo or pretty graphics on this blog for crying out loud!

Here's your answer - you make your own luck by being consistant and tenacious about scanning the AH, doing the searches, sticking to the things you know and taking a few risks from time to time.

Luck (also known as opportunity) is going on all the time in your AH. But you'll never know about it if you're not looking for it. Heck, you probably missed a deal or ten just reading this post. I probably missed five times that just creating this post.

/nervous twitch

That's OK that you missed a few. It's not a one time deal. Luck happens all the time in the WoW AH.


Sellia said...

I'm actually putting all my herbs and leathers in stacks of 1 or 5 and they are selling sooooo fast ! :)

Thanks !!!

Og said...

Sellia - Good for you. Splitting larger stacks into smaller ones is something I do all the time. It puts them towards the tops of sorts based on price (usually) and makes the items accessible to those who might not have the coin to buy in bulk. Or maybe they just need one or two.