Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Patch Jitters

According to WoW Insider, patch 2.3.2 is going live today.


Since patches have a nasty reputation of wrecking havoc with add-ons, I'm more than a little nervous with what this update might do to Auctioneer. While the release notes don't seem to have any updates that would affect the Auction House I'm sure there's a number of under-the-cover changes that we regular players aren't aware of.

Until the add-on breaks.

Here's hoping that my Auctioneer Suite of add-ons don't skip a beat after the patch. I'm sure the guys and gals on the Auctioneer team would appreciate not running around like a Murloc with their head cut off to fix new bugs.

I won't know till much later today.

/pray some more


Tengu said...

I don't think we have to worry about AddOns with this patch since it is mostly a bugfix/class tweaking one. So there shouldn't be any changes to the API.

If I am wrong I promise to commit seppuku with one of my characters. Or the closest thing I can do in the game. : p

Now when patch 2.4 comes... That's when we should pray. A lot.

Og said...

Tengu - Thanks for the ray of hope. Don't worry about doing awful things to your toon if the patch does break Auctioneer. It's not like you're a developer at Blizzard or anything.

Or are you?

If you are you should keep your identity a secret to protect yourself being pestered by me on ways to make the game "better" (like an Easy button for Og).

Anonymous said...

No, I am not a developer. And I wasn't really thinking of something very horrible. It would be at most jumping from a high cliff with all the armor on. So there would be at least the repair cost.

Anyway, I said that mostly to show my confidence on the patch.

Also my auctioneer advanced seems to be working fine after the patch as well as my other AddOns.

Tengu said...

Argh. Second time I forget to write my nickname on a comment today. Sorry about that. >_<

Og said...

Tengu - Repair costs...lol. Thanks for the heads up on the good news.

Mykal McFarland said...


(sorry had to lol)

Sellia said...

Well I'm getting an error with Auctioneer Classic at the end of my scan ... :(

I'll be watching around to find a solution.