Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Couple Corrections On Rags To Riches

There is one typo and a clarification that needs to be made on a couple of the Rags To Riches posts. Of course, Og never makes mistakes which means heads are gonna roll over in Editing.

Here are the corrections...

On Day 4

Deviate Scale Gloves - resale should be 1.67g (not 0.37g...gah!)

On Day 5

Thanks to some astute readers, some of the resale values for items seemed kinda low. And they're right...because I didn't put the whole stack back into the market. These are the items where I only placed a few back in the AH (which also means I'll have a small inventory to manage now)...

Brilliant Necklace x1
Citrine x2
Elemental Earth x1
Silver Bar x4
Small Glimmering Shard x4

...let me know if anyone else finds any other funny-ness in my posts. There are plenty of heads left in Marketing and Research that can take the fall for those.

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