Friday, January 11, 2008

Take A Break From Og - Different Strategies

If I haven't made it clear before let me just say that there are many strategies at making gold in the World of Warcraft Auction House (AH). My ramblings are just what I know. While I am of small brain, I still know that I don't know everything. And it's good to get different perspectives so you can fit in the tips and tricks with your own style and preferences.

Plus you've got to be getting bored of me by now.

Here are a couple of recent links that I recommend checking out...

  • Cameron discusses his strategy and guidelines for amassing wealth in WoW. Solid advice. Found this post because he linked to me. Flattery will get you everywhere, people. Especially when dealing with low-self-esteem folk like myself.
  • Tyson is in day 3 of his run to 1,000 gold without using an add-on. This is awesome. I've done something similar, but it's good to see different strategies. Without an add-on! Sure, certain strategies for rolling in the big bags of gold rely on an add-on much less, or not at all once you understand the market. But building the kitty without an add-on? WooHoo!

    Warning: his podcasts are looooooooooonnnnnnnggg. But cut some slack. He's working to make it the best he can and gets major kudos for this endeavor.

Even with different strategies you will see some of the basics that are universal - like knowing your markets for most of your purchases. And taking risks to expand your markets.

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