Monday, January 7, 2008

Getting To 1,000 Gold In The Raw

Want to know how to hit 1,000 gold without using any add-ons at all?

I do too. So I'm going to keep an eye on Tyson's series that will do just that. Day one was published today.

Good stuff. He has a cheerleader.

/pump pom poms

Update: Actually meant to link you right to the podcast which is on his forums right here.


Mykal McFarland said...

Most of my auctioning has been without Auctioneer and in many ways I prefer it... The only major thing you gain when you get auctioneer is the ability to sort over 50 items at once by price (buy/bid) in order to insure the best bargains. When using the set Make/DE combo or resell of Epics you do not need a price history of items in order to get a profit. It does help I will give you that but the market sets what the market's price is from day to day not the historic scans from over a week. In fact I was asking for your informational walk-threws because I see little gain from installing the memory intensive add-on. I am also trying to track down some users of glider in order to make a page (perhaps two) on the subject. I will have to get a new account in order to test it of course so it may take many months till I wish to invest the money into buying a new WoW and the full Glider program (might run the free glider but I hear that it doesn't get to run longer then a few mins).

In search of better pay offs,
Mykal Mcfarland (nabakaron)

Og said...

Mykal - Right you are. When wheeling and dealing Rare and Epics, Auctioneer isn't as useful. It can find deals on these, but more often than not the true market value isn't picked up by it. With these you need to know what the market will bear. Especially because the ones that are the most valuable have little or no history.

What Auctioneer is really good at is in finding the deals on all the rest of the items (which make up a little more than 90% of the auctins). So it's a good tool to get you the funds to be able to trade in the blues and purples.

Thanks for the comments.