Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rags to Riches in WOW - Day 9

Broke through big time! 136 gold sitting in my bag after hitting the mailbox. Super w00p! I'm very close to my goal, but I'm having fun too.

On this day I spend about 21 gold to get my Enchanting skill up to 125 so I can start farming for small radiant shards (which is the main ingredient in Fiery Weapon enchants). Now I don't expect to get all my shards by disenchanting because it's about a 5% drop rate and I need 4. Doing the math means disenchanting as much as 80 weapon/armor items that are green or higher. If I'm smart about my purchases I wouldn't lose a copper buying all those items because I can resell the Vision Dust and Lesser Nether Essence that drops on the failed attempts, but that's a lot of time that I'd rather being doing something else. Besides, the going price is between 6g to 8g per shard and I'll be able to more than cover it easily from flips.

So I dabble and get a shard today. Yippee! Of course, I generate a lot of Vision Dust in that process. Time to get a few coin for my stacks.

Because I want to unload fast I price them low - about 50% of what the competition market price is. Because I was smart about the price I paid for all those greens, I'm guaranteed to make a few gold in the deal to boot. My pricing works like a charm. I start seeing "a buyer has been found" popping in my chat box again and again. I'm one happy dwarf :)

Later on in the day I get a not-quite-polite, yet not-quite-rude, mail from someone telling me I'm screwing up the Vision Dust market. It's my first mail like that and I wonder what to do about it.

The fact is that the Vision Dust market was heavily saturated with three pages of items. Most in large stacks. It's a good bet that most of those stacks aren't moving so there's only one option if I don't want to hold on to these (it would take forever to get rid of them all if I played it near their expected price).

I thought about sending back a note explaining that the supply was driving down the prices. I also considered giving him a few pointers on how he could get his asking price and how my sell was just a blip in the AH. Telling him/her to suck up and deal crossed my mind briefly and gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling to boot!

But I did none of that.

I usually only jump into the disenchantment market when there is a shortage because it can be extremely volatile. You can rake it in or be in a raging price war with those items. So I only jump in briefly when the time is right.

This will blow over because I won't be main competitor to Mr. Cranky. Plus, after I reread it a couple times, I think that mail was meant to educate me as well as try and protect the market. No blame there. Good people in Azeroth.

Aside from that I finish my Netherweave Bag purchases for my last two slots which set me back 13g for the pair. I'm shopping ahead because I think tomorrow might be it.

I did ding at level 12. Would move faster, but more alts, plus this blog, does take time away from my game play. Still having a blast.


Day 10 here we come.


Growl said...

Either that or it was a pissed off Gold Farmer that was feeling his profits getting pinched.

Enchanting mats are a huge point of contention on my server - they come in two flavors:

1) Incredibadly expensive and unobtainable

2) Can't give this stuff away...


og said...

Never thought of a gold farmer. I'm getting a warm and fuzzy feeling just thinking about that possiblity.

#2 can be very frustrating. The enchanting mats are very volatile. I know when I pick up a stack that I'm going to have that for a while virtually no matter what price I want to put it at.

gitr said...

Enchanting is a great way to go. Especially Tailoring/Enchanting.

It's so much fun to post hundreds of gold worth of dust and shards with 0 deposit, too!

When the prices are too low, I mail them to an alt and mail them back to sit for 30 days. The prices usually adjust within 2 weeks.

Og said...

Gitr - Lots and lots and LOTS of people make big money on enchanting mats. On the flip side, going in heavy on those takes a bit of inventory management and more than an pinch of patience.

The goal for this series was to turnover what I posted quickly. That's why when I bought enchanting mats I kept the stacks low, and at a I-just-can't-walk-away-from-this prices.

Personally, I tend to stay away from these mats because I don't feel like dealing with the swings of the enchanting market. Though i will pick these from time to time if the timing is right.

Thanks for the great comment.