Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rags to Riches in WOW: Day 5...And 6....And 7

When I post the days of this experience these represent calendar days (not time played). That's why I'm posting 5 through 7 in one shot. I haven't had much time to be online those last couple days so my time was mostly in logging in, checking mail, scanning for bargains, posting them and then logging off.

So here goes the quick hits for those days...

Day 5

After opening my mail I'm sitting pretty at a little over 40 gold. Here's what I picked up. Same format as before: first number before the slash is what I paid for it and the number after is the expected worth.

Super Mana Potion x2 3g/7g
Scroll of Agility III x1 41s/90s
Scroll of Agility III x1 5s/90s
Gold Ore x2 40s/82s
Silver Bar x10 2.6g/5.575g
Thick Leather x20 84s/3g
Thick Leather x20 84s/3g
Heavy Leather x20 76s/3g
Spider's Silk x1 30s/9g
Linen Cloth x14 7s/32s
Wool Cloth x15 11s/88s
Tangy Clam Meat x4 7s/22s

Day 6

This is blur. I didn't have much time so I logged in, grabbed my mail, trolled the AH and put them back up for auction. I did a poor job of tracking everything I'm buying and selling, but I think you're getting the gist of it all by now. Also did some shopping for when I hit level 13 and here's some of what I bought (funny how I captured what I spent on these)...

Blackened Defias Boots 4g
Blackened Defias Leggings 3.9g
Blackened Defias Gloves 75s
Hunting Pants 10s
Lupine Handwraps of the Monkey 10s
Netherweave Bag 6.9g
Netherweave Bag 6.9g

I'd like to build up the Defias gear to get the set (5 pieces). I'm all about matching armor and looking good. I have friends go straight for the stats regardless, but I think you can look good AND have the stats. Especially when you've got a pile of gold to work with :) The bags are a necessity. I'm itching to get out and quest as soon as I get a little more time and the 6/8 slot bags are a joke. Yeah, these are more money, but time is money. The less time I have to worry about clearing out my bag or heading back to home base the more experience and/or gold I'm earning.

Day 7

Here's what's showing up in my mailbox (81 messages!) as what's been sold:

Scroll of Protection II
Elixir of Wisdom (several)
Healing Potion (several)
Silver Bar (several)
Scroll of Protection III
Dream Dust
Tangy Clam Meat (many)
Solid Sharpening Stone (many)
Copper Ore
Heavy Armor Kit (several)
Ironweb Spider Silk (several)
Spider's Silk (several)
Medium Leather
Small Glimmering Shard
Greater Astral Essense (several)
Greater Mana Potion (several)
Arcane Dust (several)
Core of Earth
Mithril Spurs

...after opening them all I'm at 69 gold. Not bad for an 11th level hunter. Since I have my pet (woop!) after I do some quick bargain hunting I need to find me a weapon master and build up my quest queue.

Off to Day 8

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