Thursday, November 8, 2007

About This Blog

I'm relatively new to World of Warcraft and only been playing for a couple months. But one thing I found that I'm good at is making money in the Auction House (AH). Since I wish I knew what I know now when I started playing, I figured others might benefit from this as well.

Basically what I do is flip items in the AH - buy items below market price in the AH and resell them at market price (or slightly below) for a profit. This blog will have all the tips and strategies for finding bargains, reading the market and setting the right price. I'll also point out the mistakes I've made so they can (hopefully) be avoided.

I've seen a lot of folks complain about twinks: low-level toons that get tons of gold to buy the best equipment from high-level main characters. But you don't have to have a level 40+ character to feed gold to your low-level toon to get the best goodies. Nor do you have to endlessly farm the same mobs to generate your coin.

You should be able to find tips and trcks that you can use regardless of how much time you spend in the AH.

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