Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Workaround - Auctioneer And The New Patch From Blizzard

Auctioneer is now much faster. Auctioneer is now also broke.

The good news is that scanning is speedier. It used to take me about 4 minutes to scan the Trade Goods category. Now it's about 30 seconds! At first I thought Auctioneer was broken - had to be. Like maybe it wasn't scanning all the new categories or something. But I kept an eye on the page scan rate and the number of auctions scanned and it's definitely faster. WooHoo...less time in the Auction House (AH)!

The bad news is that this recent patch broke Auctioneer functionality for posting an auction. It seems that the new time options when posting auctions that I mentioned in yesterday's post are the culprit. Auctioneer is showing the old time selections (2, 8 and 24 hours) which doesn't seem compatible with the new (12, 24 and 48 hours). Had a minor panic attack when I went to create the auction and the item just sat there. What do I do? I actually went back to the WOW interface for the AH to post my items. I forgot how painful that is - getting cold sweats just thinking about it.

But there is some good news in terms of a workaround until this is fixed by the exceptional folks on the Auctioneer team. After experimenting a little I found that if I selected the 8 hour option for my auction it would get posted using the Auctioneer interface. And it seems that selection actually posts the item for 24 hours instead of 8 (which is my time preference for all my auctions). So it kinda works. One thing I don't know is if the amount of the deposit is accurate.

Unfortunately Auctioneer's ability to auto create auctions for you (SHIFT + ALT + Left Click on an item) does not work. If you're a stack splitter like myself, this means more time to post your auctions. But at least you don't have to use WOW default interface!

There's no word on Auctioneer's web site that they are aware of the problem or if a fix is in the works. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the answer is "yes" and "yes."

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