Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rags To Riches In WOW - Day 4

Opened my mailbox and my worries were justified...

First, the good news. From my sales I'm up to 19.07 gold. Not too bad for a level 9 hunter with no Sugar Daddy :) Didn't have time to hit 10 on day 3 so I'm definitely hitting it today.

The bad news is that only 2 of 10 Essence of Earth sold, none of the Dream Dust sold and only one Major Mana Potion sold. OK, so it's not really bad news and normally that doesn't bother me. Markets can get saturated with specific items which drives down prices and there aren't too many winners when that happens. This happens quite a bit items that are easy to farm and create (and these all are). When that happens I usually just hold it until there's a shortage and sell then. Sometimes moving everything in your stack can take a few cycles.

But for this experiment I want quick turnover. I am trying to find out how fast I can go from zero gold to over 100, with enchants and all kinds of great gear. So I want to do as little re-posting of my items in the auction house (AH) as possible.

So here's my strategy for these:

  • A bright spot - the mana market went up, but I'm changing my BO price to 1.75g (from 1.95g), because the market price is close to 2g. I want to unload.
  • There's still quite a bit of Dream Dust on the market, but their all in big stacks that go for big gold. I'm posting singles at my original price of .36g, but only half my inventory of 20. Those should go because there are plenty of enchanters who may only need a couple and will not buy a stack of 20 just to get 2 or 4.
  • I only post 4 of my Essence of Earth. Here I'm trying to keep my profit as high as possible.

My strategy for Dream Dust works like magic. It's selling like hotcakes as I'm leaving the AH so I end up posting the rest of my stack in singles.

Now here's my finds for the day. I am finding that this is getting harder to keep track of as I'm flipping more and more. Documenting it all is becoming a challege (read: taking me away from valuable game time :) So there might be something here or there that falls through:

Tin Bar x9 8s/79s
Tin Ore x3 11s/1.13g
Silver Bar x5 1.00g/2.79g
Briarthorn x5 11s/2.18g
Liferoot x11 12s/74s
Linen Cloth x18 3s/32s
Grilled Squid x3 5s/2.22g
Primal Earth x6 13g/22.5g
Essence of Water x1 72s/3.6g
Mana Potion x5 18s/1.13g
Large Glimmering Shard x1 50s/1.25g
Small Egg x10 1s/59s
Liferoot x11 13s/74s

Up till this point I haven't been doing a lot of shopping for myself. It's a waste of gold to spend on green items for anything other than a good weapon. You'll level so fast that you'll be in the market for new greens within a couple hours.

However I am doing some pricing on low level green armor sets for when I break through 10 and I'm convinced this must be a twink server. The prices are outrageous. To outfit myself with 10-12 level greens will cost about 15g. And they'll be good for about 2 hours of play...if that :)

I'll be back later.

Next up - Day 5

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