Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rags To Riches in WOW - Day 10...WooHoo!

After Day 9 I think it was pretty obvious that today would be the day when I hit all the goals I stated in Day 1 of the series that would mark the completion of my experiment. In addition to the items I already had up for auction, I got a great deal on The Butcher which sold in a flash. I already had the coin, but this was just insurance coin.

So once the mail is all open I finish up my shopping. Since I'm still staring at level 13 (leveling up Enchanting from Day 9 sucked most of my time away), I complete my shopping for green/blue items for that level.

For my Fiery Enchant I just can't bring myself to put it on a weapon that I'll only use for a couple hours (at most). Leveling is fast this early on and the mobs are not that tough. Since I know that I'll be hitting Warsong Gulch once I hit 18 I buy Razor's Edge and put the fiery on that. The blue cost me 25 gold and the enchant was 27 gold (supplied mats and gave a 1 gold tip). Oh, and if you are wondering why the axe was never seen at auction it's because WOW crashed on me and blew out my Auctioneer data - so it's a fresh database.

Even with the 52 gold outlay I'm sitting pretty with 156 gold. I don't know if I'm happier that I reached my goal or that now I can spend less time documenting my play and actually play!

I decide it's a little bit of both.

Final Thoughts

This was fun.

It was also a bit frustrating at times.

The fun part was that I really didn't know what I was getting into or how it would turn out. I knew that I could take what I learned and be successful at making decent coin in the WOW Auction House no matter what lever or what realm I landed on. But I had never done it before. While a bit nervous of putting my gold where my mouth is, it was a lot of fun learning the market and making the deals.

Playing the hunter was a blast in Ironforge. Most of my alts are humans and the Elwynn Forest and Westfall quests were getting a bit boring to do when first starting up. In addition to new quests, landscapes and NPCs, there are many small nuances in playing this class as opposed to others. I'm looking forward to bringing the pain train to the battlegrounds. Woop!

What was frustrating was that keeping a history of this experience took time away from the game and the quality of my notes dropped as time wore on. As I mentioned earlier in the series, most of this series was written on a delay of a couple days because after squeezing out as much play time as possible I found I had little time to draft a post. While I did take notes it became obvious later that the quality of the detail of what I was doing took a nose dive on the last several days. I was a bit irked at myself for not keeping better records.

I wasn't too worried about it because I think you got the drift of what I was doing from my earlier posts. No sense going over the details when they are very similar to previous days. Only the numbers and quantity of items differed.

Also, looking back I know I could have reached my goal at least a day earlier. If not more.

Results will vary, but I'm thinking you should be able to hit 100g just from the auction house in about 1-2 weeks of real-world time depending on how often you play, aversion to risk, etc. Once you get the machine rolling, you should be able to generate anywhere from 20g to 50g+ a day just from flipping. Results can vary and I usually earn more than 50 a day on average.

I'd like to get your feedback on this series because I'm thinking of trying this again. Any comments or criticisms I get I'll try to weave into my next Rags to Riches experiment (likely with Horde next time). What did you like? What should I have done differently?

OK, now off with you - go have fun racking in coin at the Auction House.


Growl said...

Outstanding blog - and very, very helpful. Saw you post over on Gitr and thought I'd swing by and check out your site.

I'll be following this from now on!

og said...

Thanks for the props...much appreciated! Don't give me too much praise because I still have to get my head through the doorway to get to the bathroom.

Oh, and Gitr's blog is one of the best.

Sellia said...

Nice ... I'll have to try thoses tips to help me out. Thanks !

If you could try this on the Horde side on Blade's Edge (lol) it would be fun.

Anyway good blog !

Og said...

Hmmmm, Blade's Edge eh? I've been wanting to do another series for the Horde. Haven't decided where yet, but you never know....

Sellia said...

If you come, don't forget to say hello ! =)

Og said...

You bet. It always pays to be polite. Even with the Horde.


Nabakaron said...

I made over 50 gold and bought 4 10 slot bags on a level 13 warlock on a server I never played on before in 2 days (The person selling 14 slots was afk then logged before I could work out a deal to buy more then just one from AH and I really prefer all my bags the same type)

The best part is I am expecting more money from my "secret" in the coming weeks as the item I am selling is of unlimited supply currently and I have a way of keeping thousands to do with what I wish.

Jump on Rivendale Horde side for Villon/Nabakaron or Blackrock Alliance side for Vango/Nabakaron and message me. I would enjoy sharing my secret for a greater understanding of this "flipping"

Og said...

Nabakaron - Secret? I love secrets. Unfortunately my account is near maxed out with alts that keep me pretty busy and I have a couple in reserve "just in case." Gratz to you on making a small fortune. Thanks for the comment.

Lance said...

Very nice I just finished reading the whole series but I tried alittle flipping after reading your initial rags to riches and intro to Auctioneer. I will see in a littlebit if it paid off. thanks for all the info.

Og said...

Lance - Thanks, good luck and let me know how it turns out. Those first flips put a nice, big monkey on your back. It's OK feel the need to check your mail every 10 minutes, constantly scan the chat panel for yellow text or log into your account every 20 minutes to see if those things sold.

Of course now I'll be checking my mail for this blog to see how you do. Two monkeys for the price of one :)

Anonymous said...

I also play Rivendare Hordeside. I'm a terrible auctioneer, but my one major success was when Rivendare went recommended and my mage was still around level... 20-ish? IDK. But I made roughly 100g off of Strange Dusts -- all the noobs that come with rec. status were posting full STACKS of dust for less than one gold. I soon found out these stacks could sell for as much as 3g... hehehe.

I made about 100g using this. I also did something similar much later on a paladin, but with copper.

So one thing I learned, low-level profession items seem to sell very nicely on recommended servers.

This was a long time ago, but hey, it paid for my first mount.