Monday, November 19, 2007

From Rags to Riches in WOW - Day 3

Good morning to me! Decided to login to check how things went with my auctions before heading to work. Gold ore, spider's silk, linen and a few other things sold. I'm sitting at 5.74 gold right now and I still have plenty still up in the AH. WooHoo!

OK, time to head to work and make some real money...

...later this evening when I log on I find my mailbox is full. What a great feeling :) After opening all my mail I'm sitting well at 12.89 gold.


Time to do a little bargain hunting and here's what I find. For each stack, the first number before the slash is the buyout price and the second number is the sell price...

Healing Potion x2 5s/49s
Major Mana Potion x5 2.5g/9.75g
Dream Dust x20 3.5/7.2g
Coarse Stone x6 2s/73.5s
Coarse Stone x7 7s/85.75s
Kingsblood x5 3s/32.5s
Deeprock Salt x3 11.25s/37.5s
Copper Ore x20 85s/18.g
Essence of Earth x10 99s/2.7g
Essence of Earth x10 99s/2.7g
Heart of Fire x1 2.53g/5.85g

So you might be wondering if I'm just blinding buying up what Auctioneer recommends. If not, why do I choose the items that I do.

Well, the answer to the first question is no, I'm not just buying blindly. There are two reasons. The first is that I want to pick items that sell quickly. The second is that just because the Auctioneer add on sees a good deal it doesn't necessarily mean that I'll get the price projected. My decisions made to this point are largely on what I know - Linen cloth, Copper Ore, etc. are all things I know will sell quickly.

I am a little worried about the Essence of Earth. My experience on my main Realm tells me these just don't sell like hotcakes. I couldn't resist the price, but I'm having a little remorse because I've just tied up 2 gold in something that will take a while to move. I'll get my profit out of them...eventually.

Alrighty. So after buying and putting everything back up in auction I'm back down to 3s and change. Yeesh. That's OK, because I really don't need to buy myself much now. Being level 8 things are I'll gear up once I hit 10 and get my pet.

I'm pretty excited about that so I'm off to see if I can hit 10 tonight.

Day 4 anyone?


Mykal McFarland said...
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Mykal McFarland said...

Gold Ore is not mentioned from the previous post. Would this perhaps be the copper ore that had a buyout of 4 silver? (which is very strange since that is a stack of 20 and your stack of just 2 sold for 19.25 silver)

P.S. Your dream dust says 3.5 but not silver or gold

Og said...

Mykal - Great catch! The reference to the Gold Ore was correct, I just didn't document it very well. I struggled through this series with keeping accurate account of all the things I was buying and selling.

Even Og has flaws.

OK, many flaws.

And the 3.5 is in gold. I'll correct that in a second.