Monday, February 11, 2008


/grab Kleenex

The Not-So-Mighty Og has been leveled by a nasty bug these past few days. I'm a little backed up on responding to your comments from the weekend, but I will.



Charles Fox said...

Hope you get better soon!

Bri said...

/target Og
/cast FluHealing(Rank 7)


Anonymous said...

Rest up, feel better, and don't worry about us. (And get posting again soon! *grin*)

Copra said...

Ah, Og's on the same routine as I am.

I'm leaving for my second 3 day sick leave right now... with a bronchitis. Stay away from this beast, hear you!

Get well soon!

Og said...

Bri - I think my flu resisted you valiant attempts.

All - Thanks for the well wishes. Still piling up tissues like I'm making a Mt. Kilimanjaro replica out of Kleenex, but at least I'm able to catch up a little.

Anonymous said...

Should blow up the mountain sculpture and kill all the nasty flu poison spreaders.

/me hands Og [Flask of Flu Booster]

Now take one of those and you'll be back to true form in no time.

No really I hope you get better soon Og.

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About Me said...

Hope you feel better. Looking forward to more posts. Bookmarked!

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